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Free Google earth is a computer program similar to a geographic information system (GIS), created by the company Keyhole Inc.., Which lets you view 3D images of the planet, combining satellite pictures, maps and the Google search engine. Keyhole was in the beginning a programme of payment until the October 27, 2004 Google bought Keyhole. On May 21, 2005 Keyhole's going to be called free google earth. This program was launched (relaunched when we consider that already existed as Keyhole) on June 28, 2005 with the main novelty, part of the change of name and owner.

Free Google earth is a program that is installed in our computer and communicates with a powerful database residing on a server shared with Google Maps.Through technology the program stream is connected to the server and displays the contents requested on the computer.With the help of its powerful search engine, free google earth allows you to also make specific searches (hotels, museums, restaurants…) and make your personal annotations, which convert this atlas across a tour guide made for you.

Free Google earth is an amazing tool to visit anywhere in the world without leaving home and also allows us to see stars, constellations, planet, and so on. Ie we can see much of the universe as if we were in front of a telescope.

Free Google earth gives the possibility to travel all over the world, offering high quality images that have been obtained satellite. No escapes or one place, all the monuments, sites, landscapes ... the quality of the images offered by google earth so great that even you can see cars and people walking.

It will allow us to visit anywhere in the world without the need to move our computer.

This software provides us with images of the highest quality satellite around the world, making you can stroll in the city who want more for their streets, major monuments, buildings, and others.

The accuracy and definition of hearings is such that you can observe up people and vehicles.

This software has innovated the world of satellite viewing, you can achieve great results and with a high quality definition.

Free Google earth is one of the most incredible tools.

Free Google earth is an impressive application from Google that enables us to overfly anywhere on the planet and visit a bird's eye view. You can see in detail, and from the perspective that you like best, your city, your building, or to which that country has always wanted to go. Free google earth will process real-time 3D graphics to show you a picture to detail in every corner, noting also the names of streets and roads of the place or people you're watching. Simply incredible!

The only thing you have to take into account, when enjoying free google earth, is that the extraordinary clarity and length of 3D graphics generated by the program require a certain power of your computer to process. If your PC is new enough, you can see a bird's eye view virtually anywhere on Earth. And absolutely free!

Free Google earth is much more than a geographic atlas: a compendium of maps and satellite photographs, combined with the power of the famous search engine (Google), allow you to move around the globe and visit every corner of the Earth with absolute freedom.

A simple click is enough to start your trip with Free Google earth: start your flight, you rise above the clouds and traveling from one extreme to another on the planet in just a few seconds, then gently descend on your destination and you can enjoy each instant imaging increasingly detailed. Now that you've arrived, and with a simple mouse movement, you can explore the city, missing one of its streets and view the most important monuments.

With the help of its powerful search engine, free Google earth allows you to also make specific searches (hotels, museums, restaurants…) and make your personal annotations, which convert this atlas across a tour guide made for you.

In addition you can see the most beautiful places on earth and turn to see them not only from above but from any angle.

Free Google earth has a particular purpose, is a very versatile and everyone can find a use interesting. We propose several:
      -- Plan a trip with free google earth
      -- Understand the way by car
      -- Find a house
      -- Find a restaurant, hotel ..
      -- Explore the world
      -- Meet with major monuments
      -- Visit our entire solar system with free google earth

To move from vision to the heavenly land should only choose the menu at Sky View

Free Google earth Revolution

While free google earth has become an indispensable tool for many Internet users, the enormous variety of benefits has caused some carelessness in some respects.

The competition that exists, has specialized in services covered worst of google earth to snatch some customers.

Without walking more clearly, the agenda of the World Winds Nas has all the earth's surface in relief, including the ocean bottom near shore. At this point, free google earth still has enough.

The same is true regarding the atmosphere. Free Google earth has layer of clouds, radar and weather forecasts for Until version 1.4 of World Winds, the agenda of the NAS he pulls the advantage of Google as far as weather is concerned. Especially by the tools: rain gauges, simulating the effect of solar radiation on earth, history of earthquakes and much more information on all types of weather phenomena recorded on the servers of the U.S. space agency.

All these data are represented with colors or graphics on the surface of Earth making a great comfort to the study.

Surely the day will come when Free google earth a World Winds reaching as far as weather is concerned, but for now the difference is remarkable.

Despite the benefits of World Winds, the most direct competitor to Free google earth is called MVE. The programme concept is similar to the Californian company.

MVE has focused from the outset in the U.S. territory. There is a big difference between the ground resolution of U.S. and the rest of the world. This geographical specialization is accused in the traffic information service, available only for USA.

The same is true with the number of 3D models. If google earth has Manhattan Island, MVE amount to this much of the rest of New York. It has three-dimensional models throughout the country as Niagara Falls, the Golden Gate, Congress, etc.. But in the rest of the planet difficulty in finding any.

MVE has its own Panoramio, called Bird's Eye. The novelty is that the program provides an aerial image of some areas that exactly matches the map. It consists of an integrated aerial photo on the map.

The other aspect in which MVE can compete with free google earth is navigating speed, mainly because the former has fewer layers to load, we'll see how it evolves this issue when they are adding more pictures.

The free software world has also made its contribution to land browsers, I am referring to Earth 3D. Can hardly compete with Google on something, but for those who like to modify programmes to your liking can interest.

Around free google earth will now comprises the vast majority of users who do not have needs too complicated. However, those who pursue very specific benefits they should look at the competition because in many cases, have been sheltered from Google's push into the refuge of specialization.

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