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Google earth street view is a feature of Google Maps and Google Earth provides images of nearly spherical at street level (360 degrees horizontal, 290 degrees vertical), allowing users to view parts of selected cities and their surrounding metropolitan areas.

When google earth street view was launched on 25 May 2007, only five U.S. cities were included. Since then it has spread to hundreds of cities in Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Spain, Finland, France, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Norway, New Zealand, Netherlands,

Portugal, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Singapore, Sweden , Switzerland and Taiwan.Google street view displays photos taken from cameras mounted on a fleet of cars and displayed on the background images from satellite previously taken up Google maps. Furthermore, since the second quarter of 2009,

Google uses tricycles to collect images of areas inaccessible to vehicles, such as large parks, college campuses and historical centers of cities, whose streets are for the most part, pedestrians. These tricycles are photographing much of Europe and North America (and certain parts of Asia) from the current year.

You can navigate google earth street view by using the arrow keys or using the mouse. In addition, in May 2009 google earth street view introduced a new navigation in the application, based on data supplied by the laser technology that allows faster navigation along the route. Google earth street view was introduced first in the United States on 25 May 2007 until the latest update, dated 9 February 2010.

On Google Maps, street view is represented with one or more icons of a camera. Each of them represents the most important city in the area and generally the surrounding cities (barrios, suburbs and parks).

However, there are many areas that, although included, are not represented by icons until they make a strong zoom.

google street view
google maps street view

Two features of google earth street view were added on 2 June 2008. Fundamentally, the application starts blurring faces and license plates, necessary in high-resolution photographs used in some U.S. cities and Europe. Google, initially, the company used images from Immersive Media in their own cars. Since December 2007 matching images are used exclusively to Google.

On 26 November 2008, google earth street view button and the camera icon were abolished in Google Maps. Instead of clicking on the street view button you can drag a stuffed yellow in the upper left corner of the screen. Dragging the doll on the map, you see the areas covered by Google earth with blue strings. Once on one of those strings, you just have to drop the doll.

On February 9th, 2010, was released in Canada on the occasion of the Winter Olympics, the route of the snow dome, photographed with a snowmobile.

Google earth street view application is now available on mobile and portable devices Android OS and is part of Google Maps, preloaded on T-Mobile G1. On 21 November 2008, google street view was added between the new features of Apple iPhone.

Google street view vehicles began, initially, to collect its first images using low-resolution cameras, working with Immersive Media. These low-resolution images are the majority in the U.S., and occupy the whole of Australia and New Zealand. However, the new high resolution cameras which are used from the beginning in Europe, will be used to completely rescanned the United States, Japan and New Zealand. These cameras are equipped with SICK laser technology. These devices are used to generate three-dimensional data automatically as photos are taken

Google Earth Street View

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