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2 Steps to find Live Satellite View OF Your House

1. Download and install Free Google Earth

2. After install, open the earth viewer and youre now ready to fly.

Type the exact address on the search box, & click search button (See Image 2)

for example "546 Palisades Beach Rd, Santa Monica, CA 90402, USA"

(without qoutation mark) & Earth Viewer will zoom right in to the location you specified.


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Google earth live


Image 2


Thats how i find SATELLITE IMAGE OF MY HOUSE using Google earth live. Fly directly to your neighborhood, find your friend house in california, see beautiful places of earth

You can also point and click on any part of the earth interface (see image 1)

to zoom down to the street level, rotate the planet, tilt it down, activate terrain, road maps, 3d building

save or print images and many more. Before i forgot, This new version of Google earth live let you explore the space too.



Sample 1


Happy viewing SATELLITE IMAGE OF MY HOUSE - your house in 3d.

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